What is Fairy Cat?

The Fairy Cat (abbreviation: F-Cat) is a sub-project of the "Aid for Every Stray Cat in the World" project initiated by Rock, a cat lover in Japan. It is developed by the Qiya Game Studio team, a category of blockchain games.

In F-Cat, you can let your Fairy cat find treasures for you. These treasures will become your assets in F-Cat.They can be exchanged for USD and withdrawn whenever you want. We hope that your profits in the game can be used to rescue stray cats or other stray pets around you, and treat every pet around you with kindness.

All profits from this project will be used to rescue stray cats, buy food for cats and provide them with a nest box, under the supervision and control of each player.


What is a Fairy Cat?

Fairy Cat is an encrypted upbringing system game with a rapidly growing player base. Players can upgrade cat pets through different adventures in order to earn token rewards. There are five levels for cat pets. The cat acts as the player's pet and can be used to fight, level up, and collect kittens as synthetic cat pets. Cats can also be traded at higher prices in the market.

The combination of NFT and GameFi, coupled with the framework of the game industry, brings new changes to online gaming. In a sense, GameFi allows for the freedom of wealth within the game. The concept of GameFi is to bring in the financial attributes of a game, making the game not only a game, but also a part-time job, making the gameplay greatly increased.


About Fairy Cat

In the game, the yellow diamond you purchase and the USDT is 1:1 anchor relationship, all the props in the game can be converted into yellow diamond, you can withdraw the yellow diamond to your wallet at any time


Earnings Information

You can also earn money by crafting Fairy Cat LV1, which is a little hard to understand, but you can simply say that you have a 50% chance of getting a 10USDT bonus from 5USDT, with a 10% increase in cost of 1U. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can make more money this way than collecting treasure with cats, but it involves some risk.


Fusion ingredient

If you have a lot of friends, invite your friends to Fairy Cat Forest if you want to earn more money. They will receive a fee as well as a fee. When your friend invites his friend to Fairy Cat, you get a small commission while they earn revenue from the game. The more friends you invite, the higher your commission will be.
If you invite A, B, and C to play the Fairy Cat, you will receive A 3% commission on the amount of money they earn in the game.
Then, if A invites D, E, and F to play the Fairy Cat, when they earn money in the game, they will be rewarded with a 2% commission on the amount of money they earn in the game.
If D invites G, H, and I to play the Fairy Cat, you will be rewarded with a 1% commission on the amount of money G, H, and I earn in the game.
If G invites J, K, or L to play Fairy Cat, they get no extra commission when they earn money in the game.


About Props

The game provides a wealth of props, different props have different functions, some of these props can be sold, some can only use, some can be collected by elf cats, some can only be obtained through activities, let's have a look at what kinds of props


Fairy Cat's best guide to how to earn money while playing

1. To begin, download MetaMask2 from the Google Store or the Apple Store and open the Fairy Cat website in Metamask's browser
2.Scan code with Metamask to enter the game
3. Buy a Fairy Cat from the in-game store


game introduction

On a hill in the Elvish Kingdom, there is a sacred oak called the Sacred Tree, a tree of nine great trees, connecting the nine worlds of the universe. One to the Land of Fire, one to the Land of the Fog, one to the land of the Warners, one to the land of the Asaph gods. And the Land of Light Elves, the Land of Dark Elves, the world of Dwarves, the Land of Giants, and the Land of the Dead. The land of the gods and the human world are connected by a rainbow of fire.

The sacred tree is guarded by Elven cats, and each green canopy becomes the home of an elven cat.

Essence of divine tree

What is the essence of the divine tree?

The essence of the Divine tree is a very important source of nutrition for Elven cats. They are extracted from the divine tree of the Elven Kingdom. Fairy cats absorb this essence to grow, and each time they absorb it, they produce fairy babies and sometimes rare treasures. The essence is also essential for the fusion into a new generation of fairy cats.

How to have the essence of the Divine Tree?

The essence of the tree will be harvested daily according to your gameplay, and each VIP level will have a different amount of harvest!

The Sacred Tree, home of the Fairy Cat

Marshmallow Cat

The Marshmallow Cat is the first class of the fairy cat family, playful and friendly. They can spend hours rolling around and playing with each other without getting tired.

They have white fur as smooth as clouds, and their round eyes shine. Their two ears always stand up to listen to the sound of the surrounding, this is their strength, can listen to the news thousands of miles away, so it is also the news agency of the entire Elven cat clan!

They are very cute little white cats, and every time you feed Marshmallow cats Divine Tree essence, they will produce 25 fairy babies in return!

Colorful cat
Lightning Cat
Fengling cat
Nine-tailed cat